Product Overview

The U2 Knee System’s AiO (All-in-One) femoral block enables surgeons to perform key femoral preparation steps with a single instrument for a faster, more efficient, and precise surgical technique.

  • Supports both anterior and posterior referencing
  • Placed on the resected distal femur
  • Permits internal/external rotation adjustments from 3 to 7° in 1° increments.
  • Allows sizing of all 13 sizes of U2 femoral components
  • Ultra-fine anterior-posterior (A/P) adjustment can be made from  -2 mm to +2 mm for allowing for optimal component positioning
  • Used for high-precision anterior and posterior femoral resections
  • Sets the position for the anterior and posterior chamfer resections

Optimal Surgical Efficiency

When using the U2 Knee System’s AiO Block and MDT Implant Trials together, the number of required instrument trays can be reduced from 6 to 1.5.

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